A Diamond Dressing Roll is a cylindrical tool with diamond particles embedded in the periphery. In use, the roll is rotated and fed into a grinding wheel forming the abrasive grain of the wheel along with removal of embedded metal. Rotary dressers can have either a dedicated form in their periphery and are plunged into the grinding wheel, or can be traversed across the wheel profiling the desired form into the wheel.

The advantages of Diamond Dressing Rolls over single point tools or crush dressing include increased efficiency of dressing, much improved tool life, and the consistency and accuracy of parts produced.


Diamond dressing rolls are precisely machined to the following conditions and print specifications

  1. Bore sizes are to be 0.0001 inch larger than the nominal shaft size. Tolerance on bore is +.0002/ -.000 inch.
  2. Sides are to be parallel to each other within .0002 TIR and square to bore within .0002 TIR.
  3. O.D. diameter (contour) to be concentric with bore with .0002 TIR.
  4. The concentricity bands, when applicable are concentric to the bore within .0002 TIR.