The controlled dispersion type construction is designed to provide the performance characteristics of the reverse plated method, but is a sintered product. This method retains the desirable characteristics in diamond retention, matrix durability of sintered products and is relappable. The diamonds are randomly dispersed at a rate of up to 4.4 carats per square inch of surface area. Natural and synthetic diamonds are used with a basic size of 20-30 mesh. The high wear areas are reinforced as in the other sintered methods. The product contour and the mold are controlled to a high precision to provide an “as cast” condition with a very minimal (.0003) lap if required. This insures sharp diamond exposure which provides a resistant free dress of the grinding wheel. Check out the be benefits of our controlled dispersion construction. 


The basic diamond size is 120 to 150 particles per carat with an average content of 3.1 carats per square inch of surface area. Larger or smaller diamond sizes can be used in this construction. The diamonds are distributed in a random pattern.


The impregnated type of roll provides depth of diamond bearing matrix that is usually .030 to .060 inch thick. The diamonds are mixed with the matrix powder and inserted into the mold to the desired thickness, providing several layers of diamonds. The basic diamond size is 40-50 mesh with a diamond content of 72 carats (100% concentration) per cubic inch of volume. types. The basic diamond size is 20 30 mesh that can be hand set or random set in place.