Depending upon contour, most diamond dressing rolls can be reworked to improve dimensional relationships and finish. Care should be taken not to allow the diamond dressing roll to deteriorate to the point that reworking is not possible. Accidents, such as dressing with a diamond roll that is not rotating, do not necessarily render the diamond dressing roll unusable. Subsequent parts and dresses will indicate whether or not the diamond dressing roll should be refurbished. Periodic checks insure that the diamond roll is running concentric and that it is still maintained rigidly on the dresser drive unit. The dresser drive unit bearings should be replaced in cases where the diamond rolls are often changed to insure smooth operation. The diamond dressing roll, as well as the dresser drive unit spindle, must be extremely clean when mounting on the diamond rolls. Any contamination could create an out-of-square condition that will change contour dimensions.