The design for a dresser roll is the same configuration of the finished workpiece including all areas to be ground and allowances for wheel clearance in other areas.

  1. The contour of the roll should be prepared to tolerances of 50% or less of part requirements.
  2. A microfinish of 4-32 RMS is required.
  3. Diamond coverage on the roll will be 1/8 inch wider than grinding wheel width, 1/16 inch on each side.
  4. Concentricity indicating bands must be 1/16 inch minimum on each end of the roll.
  5. Bore size of .0001 to .0003 inch larger than the largest diameter on the spindle shaft.
  6. Tolerances:
    • Concentricity of bore to contours and conbands .0002 T.I.R.
    • Sides square to bore to .0002 T.I.R.
    • Sides parallel to .0002 T.I.R.
    • Dynamically balanced to .02 inch ounces at 1750 RPM minifmum
  7. Permanent marking for identification.


Truing Systems, Inc. can design diamond rolls and blocks on the customer’s title block paper. Typical requirements: