Diamond Dressing Blocks

Diamond dressing blocks were in use before the advent of the diamond dressing roll 

system. Generally they were of simple forms and did not provide the precision which
they now do. They are mainly used on surface grinder applications and preform the
grinding wheel in a similar fashion to the rotary diamond dressing system. The
difference being that diamond blocks are flat and the grinding wheel is passed across
the entire diamond block length. Diamond blocks are used when the rotary dressing
system can not be adapted or the cost of the rotary system cannot be justified.
Although the diamond form blocks can be manufactured to high precision, they do not
afford the extreme high precision of the diamond dressing roll system. 

Diamond dressing blocks can be supplied with the same type of construction as
diamond rolls: that is as hand set, random set, impregnated and plated types. 

Diamond blocks can be provided for use as rough dressers to preform new grinding
wheels prior to the use of the high precision rotary diamond dressing rolls. Such use
eliminates undue wear on the diamond roll dresser when new grinding wheels have to
be changed frequently. These dresser blocks are often supplied “as cast” and are
usually within +/- .0005inch of the finished contour.